Atitlan Lake

Atitlan Lake
San Pedro la Laguna Restaurant - Atitlan Lake

San Pedro la Laguna Restaurant – Atitlan Lake

One of our largest lakes in Central America, Lake Atitlan covers over 125 square kilometers and is surrounded by three amazing volcanoes and twelve Mayas communities. Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Central America at 340 meters or 1,115 feet. The lake is volcanic in origin, filling an enormous caldera formed in an eruption 84,000 years ago. It is renowned as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

The tour starts with an early morning drive to Lake Atitlán. Along our route we will stop and have breakfast at 7:00 a.m. in a nice local restaurant. We will then continue our drive to Lake Atitlan where we will take a scenic boat ride and visit two Maya communities. At the villages of Santiago Atitlán, and San Pedro la Laguna, you will have the opportunity to learn about indigenous life, culture and Maya traditions.

What to do in Lake Atitlan:

In addition to the cultural activities, you can take a coffee plantation tour, go zip lining, kayaking, hiking, visit a nature preserve or go shopping. You will enjoy looking and shopping in colorful handy craft markets and the scenic boat ride throughout this beautiful Lake.


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